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Tyler and Tim Morehead with the Morehead Nationwide Agency are a first class operation. They are honest, motivated and committed to their customers satisfaction and safety. Here is a great example of their excellent service. My wife was in a bad car accident in early 2012, luckily she walked away with out a scratch, but the car was totaled. We called Tyler to report the accident and the first thing he asked was "How is Sarah doing, is she okay". What a relief to have someone actually truly care about you! Tyler then went to work, processing all of the paperwork and making sure we were taken care of. Nationwide paid the entire claim without a question and Tyler made sure everything was done correctly. This was a huge relief, because this is not something we had ever experience before. Tyler did a great job of staying calm and collected and took great care of us during this stressful time in our lives. Thank you Tyler for a job well done!
Tyler and the Moorehead agency are very friendly and professional. Tyler is always available to answer any question at any time.
I switched to the Morehead Agency for my auto and home insurance last year. Since that time the service I have received has been exceptional. Any questions or requests that I've had have been answered promptly and followed up on right away. I would recommend the Morehead Agency to anyone looking to fill their insurance needs.
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